Finally, Something for BDC Subscribers Worth Watching!

Finally, something for BDC subscribers worth watching! For anyone with an interest in the progression and evolution of housing across the centuries in Scotland, then a new BBC ALBA series in four parts is the ideal program to watch. The program is hosted by Mister Ewen MacKinnon, who himself has previously worked in the building industry itself and clearly has an eye for the historical factors that have impacted on building homes over the course of human history.

With this plethora of experience, Mister MacKinnon is clearly an individual with knowledge of what it is like to actually build a property using one’s hands, the episodes focus on the history of Scotland through the habitations of its inhabitants. Mister MacKinnon starts his journey in some of the earliest settlements north of the border, exploring such settlements harking to the rustic days of the Iron Age. Such visits to various locations in and around Scotland such as architectural sites on the Isle of Lewis, MacKinnon induces his viewers to imagine what it must have been like to live in such tough times.

Furthermore, interest is also added to the program when one considers how attitudes between insiders to the settlements viewed strangers, and how these attitudes may have altered, changed or even possibly reappeared over the course of the last few centuries. The program should also be of interest to workers in construction or individuals wanting to construct new habitations out of 19th Century substances and methods. Furthermore, for anyone who might be interested in going on holiday to Scotland anytime this year, the program explains how a renovated formerly abandoned site on the Isle of Lewis known as Gearrannan Blackhouse Village that has now reemerged into the 21st Century as a new site of overnight stay for holiday seekers and adventurers wanting to brave the weathers of the Scottish Isle.


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