The Future of House Building in West Sussex

An exciting location in Shoreham-by-Sea in the county of West Sussex in the southern coastal regions of the United Kingdom is set to pave the way for the future of home manufacturing in the British Isles.

The government’s passing of the White Paper and the increased demand to build more housing and a greater amount of homes in the local communities around the United Kingdom, it is clear that now more than ever is the time for technology to be devoted to creating more and more properties for the country. Indeed, Futureform has developed and made a brand new industrial plant in West Sussex that will forecast the very future of home building in this country. Using the very latest forms of technology that the current market has to offer, Futureform currently have to be able to have built more than 1,000 brand new homes for people in the past year.

In close collaboration with House Beautiful Magazine, Futureform have been able to develop a new way designing homes for customers. Rather than visit existing properties on the market, customers can now view the developments and building of their own future home being done before their very eyes: they are even able to customize their designs however they wish to and the manufacturing plant contains 1:1 full scale models of the homes that will be created. With this sort of showroom ethos to the company in place, customers are able to have a much better idea and think about the kind of property that they are actually after and it is evident that the technology used by Futureform is the latest and most revolutionary of its kind so far to have been released before the property and building development sector.

Similarly, the firm’s planned subsidy of investing more than £5 million (a further £445 million will be devoted towards updating other aspects of the company) and creation of over 300 skilled work opportunities will be a major boost to the local economy.


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