Actavo Building Solutions is the Fastest Growing Modular Building Company in the UK

According to Plimsoll Analysis, Actavo Building solutions is the fastest growing modular building company in the UK. They have also now been awarded a place on the NHS construction framework.

The company has been awarded several lots as a part of the new four-year modular building framework for the NHS. This work is set to be valued at £750 million. The NHS is struggling currently, with the availability of beds on the NHS being at an all-time low it is essential that there is a great deal of investment in order to increase the facilities available in a time frame which is incredibly narrow.

To solve this, the NHS has come up with a framework that will focus purely on the supply of modular buildings. It is hoped that this work will allow faster, cheaper and greener production of space that will also help out the demand on the NHS.

This NHS framework has been split into 11 separate lots. Actavo is one of many successful contractors, and will also fulfil the role of principle contractor in order to provide a variety of different services including full architectural design for the initial concept, as well as site works, and the completion of bespoke modular buildings to be used as health care units or education units.

The speed and efficiency of modular buildings means there could be a massive project delivered in weeks rather than months. This is ideal considering the pressure the NHS is under to source more space. Over the course of the next four years, this new project should reduce the pressure for beds as well as reduce the need for short-term hire options which could save money. These buildings are not just being built for the quick fix, they can be constructed over a short space of time however the buildings should be able to last in the long term.


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