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What is a Fastener Distributer?

Distributors buy and sell any product readily available in the market place; it can be any product or even certain services. Fastener distributors typically buy mass-produced small fasteners usually from overseas countries where they are cheaper to make and therefore cheaper to purchase in bulk.

Fastener Supply Distributors provide both SAE fasteners for uses like in automotive, heavy equipment and OEM type applications, the other is ASTM fastener type which is used in construction trades. They distribute them so frequently that they usually carry a full line of sizes shapes, washers’ nuts and so on. They not only supply a wide range of fasteners but also the tools used with them. The tools usually are wrenches, pliers, buckets, drills, screw guns, and bits, etc.

In addition to fasteners, the Fastener supply distributor can also carry such as construction equipment and supplies. They buy from the original manufacturers at a bulk price then resell to end-users, for a profit. These items can include safety boots, hard hats, welding supplies like welding rods, welding leads, etc. The distributor can make large profits if they know where they can buy their product at a low bulk price, then reselling with some type of mark up. Usually, they know that buying from overseas will most likely be their best option, to make some type of profit.

While the distributor may by some things overseas, Construction Structural fasteners and supplies are, mainly purchased from American and Canadian established supply chains due to quality standards in manufacturing.

When deciding on whether to purchase from a manufacturer or distributor here are some helpful pointers to consider:

1. Not Being Fully Versed in the Product: Because they can have such a wide range of products and may not be trained in the industry non-standard construction supplies and fasteners. It would be near impossible for the distributors to remember every detail of every product that they carry.

2. The Customer Has No Direct Contact with Manufacturer: When dealing with purchasing with a distributor there is little to no contact between who made the product and the customer. This can lead to a huge breakdown in things, especially if the wrong product is ordered. While one will take returns and/or exchanges along with any type warranties, the other may not, so, if there is a mistake in ordering the wrong thing and once received and may just be left on the customer’s doorstep to deal with it.

3.The Variation in Cost: Most of the time if custom fasteners purchased through a distributor the customer will pay a much higher cost for the product than if they just went to the manufacturer, to begin with. This cost difference can be significant depending on the product and how large the order.

Just remember you get what you paid for. The only way a manufacturer can make money is to buy in bulk and cheaper than what they are trying to sell.

Now here are some advantages to purchase from a Distributor:

1.Choice in Different Fastener Manufacturing Companies & Products in One Place: With a distributor, they can come to you instead of the other way around, possibly with a catalog or a truck with their inventory loaded ready for sale. They could have several of the same product just made by different companies.

2. Being Mobile & Having No Stationary Office: They are free to sell door to door so to speak, and with no fixed office building, their overhead is much lower which means they can pass those savings down the line to their customers. They also have a little more freedom in making the sale and then the delivery if needed.

Just be aware that not all distributors have the means to get you the right product because of not knowing how to determine the quality of standards of a product that may be needed or what may be a substitute that will be just as good if the one needed is not available. It is up to the customer to know what they need and how to know the right product that they need beforehand.


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