7 Excellent Tips to Give Your Bathroom a Stunning Makeover


When we’re planning a home makeover, our bathrooms rarely make the top of the to-do list, which is very unfortunate. First, this space is just as frequently used as some other rooms in the house and deserves the same level of attention. Second, investing some money in the bathroom almost always makes great returns when you are trying to sell your property.

So, whatever your reasons may be, let us take a look at some of the most interesting and useful tips that should help you give your bathroom a stunning makeover it most certainly deserves.

Choose timeless tiles

Generally speaking, tiles are the bathroom element that probably makes the strongest visual impression and sets the tone for the rest of the items you are going to use. Because of that, it is strongly advised to use neutral colors and unobtrusive patterns that will play along with different styles you may want to try in the future and appeal to a wider variety of buyers. Of course, this decision doesn’t mean you are not allowed to play with more than one color and try out a couple of different materials at once.

Use wall-mounted pieces

Wall-mounted pieces are a great upgrade for all the small bathrooms where floor space makes one of the most important considerations. Even if square footage is not the issue, hanging up some elements like sinks, shelves and cabinets will create a much more pleasant impression and rid the room of the visual clutter. Furthermore, mounting these elements on the walls will make the maintenance of the room so much easier and give you more space to play with other interesting design elements.

Install a vanity

What elements, you might ask? Well, why not a full-blown vanity with a huge Hollywood-style LED-powered mirror? Elements like this will transform your bathroom from a utilitarian room where every element serves a specific purpose into an elegant space that’s equally concerned with style as much as with purpose. Also, we shouldn’t forget that vanities offer an incredible amount of storage space and having the ability to sit on a cozy chair makes grooming all that easier.

Invest some money in a quality bathtub

No matter what some people say, the bathtub is the centerpiece of a bathroom. It lends it its name and by far, is the most enjoyable element this room can offer. So, do your best to rearrange the other elements and make some room for a spacious-enough unit that will allow you to drown yourself in suds and enjoy long, lazy soaks. Also, since we are talking about centerpiece elements, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to install some of the elegant designer baths and use this opportunity to make a visual statement.

Expand the windows

We all know about the benefits of natural light. Allowing more sunlight into the room will expand the space, shower the elements in the natural glow and lift the mood of the occupants. In terms of bathrooms, filling one of the walls with spacious, stylish windows will turn a room that is usually considered dim, stuffy and damp into a bright and ventilated haven that feels far cozier and inviting. Just add some quality window shades and your old bathroom will quickly turn into an expansive, luxury spa.

Give old elements a much-needed facelift

You would be surprised just how much mileage and versatility you can squeeze out of your bathroom elements with nothing more than sandpaper and paintbrush. Don’t believe us? Just give it a try and look how your old, shiny cabinets become dark, matte pieces that perfectly fit into the industrial setup you’ve always wanted. The same can be said about the small details like door handles and showerheads that look very menial but make a strong contribution to the look of the room.

Bring in plants

Much like natural light, indoor plants have a very positive impact on the mood of the occupants. This time, you have the added benefit of purified air most bathrooms so desperately need. Finally, plants also make a quite nice visual element that makes every room livelier and more inviting. So, bring some plants in and don’t worry even if you haven’t managed to bring more sun into the bathroom. You have more than enough options that thrive in somewhat dim environments.

We hope these seven tips will show you just how much potential your bathroom packs. Whether you want to increase the market value of your property or simply want to make your home a happier place to live in, this potential should be properly used. Now roll up your sleeves, get to work and give that bathroom the facelift it deserves.


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