Five Tips To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Extension


It would not be wrong to state that out of all the other rooms in the house, the kitchen would most probably be the busiest one. A kitchen is not just a place where food is cooked; it is a place where families spend time, it is a place where socializing is done during birthdays, dinners, and parties, it is the place where you go to check the fridge in the middle of the night, it is a place where a lot of memories are made. 

But there comes a time when you grow out of your house and are faced with two options – move into a new home or renovate and make extensions. Research shows that an increasing number of people are opting to renovate and add extensions to their homes instead of moving into newer ones. Along with internal factors, external factors like economic conditions and rising property prices also play their part in the decision making of people to move or renovate. 

A kitchen extension will not only provide you with a room that is a hybrid of a diner and a kitchen with a bright and light-filled atmosphere, but it can also give you a wow-factor when you’re trying to sell your home. When you do renovate your kitchen, you are increasing the square footage of your home, resulting in an increased value of the property. A kitchen extension could potentially cost you £30,000, with the cost depending on flooring, size, and kitchen type, among other factors. 

There are a lot of ways you can go about your kitchen extension, and they depend upon the type of property you have, what you want the kitchen extension to be used for, how much you can spend, and of course, how creative you are. Here’s a list of some tips which you can use to make the perfect kitchen extension that is best suited to your needs.   

Use your space wisely

Unless you are living in a massive estate with acres of land at your disposal, there is a high chance you are working with a limited amount of space. It is imperative that you use this place wisely to make the extension efficient and effective. There are many innovative ways to use up every square inch of the area. 

For instance, you can use the storage space efficiently to free up more floor space for other things. There are a lot of storage systems you can get from the market at reasonable rates, which use the space available in an optimal way. By freeing up extra space in the kitchen as a result of smart storage, the room can be used as a social focal point to spend some quality time with your friends and family.  

Hire an architect

Architects are professionals who specialize in the designing and practical usage of available space and resources for a building, and there is no argument that a professional architect will bring the best out of your kitchen extension. If your extension is simple or straightforward, an architect is not essential because builders and structural engineers can take care of that. 

However, if you plan on making your extension project a fancy and complex one, it is better to use the services of a professional architect. Not only will an architect create the best use of the available space and make the space aesthetically pleasing, but they will also make sure that the electrics and plumbing are done in the right places, and the plans for the kitchen extension are structurally sound. Therefore, if you plan on building a fancy kitchen extension and have the budget, it is best to hire the services of a professional architect. 

Maximize the light in the kitchen extension

Excellent and bright lighting can prove to be one of the essential components of making your kitchen extension a success. Lighting is not only crucial for good and clear visuals, but it also helps create an atmosphere that is social and entertaining. 

Your kitchen extension can potentially displace a part of the natural daylight that would have otherwise reached the other rooms, so the lighting might need to be supplemented. You can do this by adding a roof lantern, or a series of roof lights. A roof lantern can be an excellent tool to flood the kitchen extension with light. 

For a more intimate setting, you can also opt for mood and ambiance lighting for the kitchen. This setting can be achieved by task lighting, under-counter spots, and specialty lamps. The market is flooded with contemporary, minimal, and efficient lighting fixtures that are cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. 

Use bi-fold doors to connect your kitchen with the garden

Bi-fold entries can be helpful to make your kitchen extension awe-inspiring. If you have a garden in front of your kitchen, you can use bi-fold doors that open fully to make the garden a part of your kitchen. Not only will your kitchen feel connected with nature, but it will also add even further extra space, and provide you with endless new ideas. 

There are multiple things you can do then. You can have a nice open-air breakfast with fresh food directly from the kitchen, host a dinner for friends, or hold a birthday party. All of these events and functions will become richer in experience due to the free-flow provided by opening up your kitchen to the garden. 

Make good use of colors

Do not be afraid to use colors. You do not have to go monotone or play safe. You can experiment with bold colors, try unusual color combinations, and give the whole place a playful vibe. 

The color theme of your kitchen extension does not necessarily have to follow the general color theme of your home, and by experimenting and playing with colors you can separate it from the rest of the house and give the kitchen extension its own distinct personality. 


It is not just the economic conditions and rising property prices that make people prefer renovating and adding home extensions over moving. Home is where the heart is, and it is not easy to leave a place where you have made so many memories and spent a good part of your life in. So projects such as kitchen extensions provide a perfect opportunity to stay at the place you love while making it functional and practical for your requirements.


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