Sizing Up Your Skip Hire


When you purchase a new home, or even as someone who’s been living in a home for a long time, there are always improvements or projects that need doing in an effort to make it your own. And when you’re not actively renovating or remodeling, there’s a need to clear out accumulations of stuff that overtake the house either when it gets to be too much or during a seasonal cleaning. The result will most likely be a massive amount of waste that will need disposal. 

An issue that a lot of households run into when investing in a skip hire service such as Impala Skip Hire is which size bin would be adequate for their needs. In many cases, judgment is off, and you underestimate the amount of debris that needs to be taken away, ending up with a container that is far too small. Usually, when doing any kind of declutter or household jobs, there tends to be so much more waste material to deal with when it’s over than anyone anticipates. Sizing up is always advantageous.

Investing In Domestic Skip Hire

The time savings that a waste management system allows is invaluable, not to mention the fact of the physical exertion that’s required in bagging up, carrying, and loading all the waste in order to transport it yourself. The materials can be hazardous as far as broken glass or sharps, heavy for any one person to lift, and overall an unsafe process, particularly when you realize the incredible amount that you have to handle. The number of times you need to travel from your home to the recycle center may prove exhausting.

A skip bin proves to be an ideal solution for the home environment, whether there is a garage that’s being used to store massive amounts of clutter, and you want to now clear it out to use it as an actual garage. Or if you need an extensive renovation project that will result in significant debris. Having a container situated on your property to dispose of the materials will allow you to focus on the work as opposed to worrying where you’ll put the remnants.

Sizing Your Domestic Skip

It’s critical to obtain a skip in the size that is equal to the goals of your project. Everyone wants to make sure that they use every square inch of the bin in order to obtain full value, which means filling it to the top. ‘Chain’ skips are typically available in a broad range of sizes beginning with two yards and ranging up to 16. A ‘RoRo’ is available in only two sizes with a 20 yard (ca. 18 m) and a 40 yard (ca. 37 m). In many instances, the company that you hire can give you a ‘bin-bag value’ for the skips as a measurement to provide you with an idea of what size may work for you.

  • For a smaller project, the bins that are within two yards and four yards are ideal. You can clear out a garage or do seasonal cleaning projects where you can be sure the accumulation of junk is going to be more than you can handle with your vehicle but not enough for a full-size container. To learn what happens to the waste material put in the bins after it’s picked up go to
  • A ‘builder’s skip’ or six-yard container is among the most popular for those who are engaged in a mid-sized renovation as with cleaning out old furniture in favor of new or working over the kitchen. The measurement comparison is that this bin can hold approximately 60 bags or waste to that equivalent.
  • For heavier construction debris, an eight-yard skip would be the best bin for the job as with rubble, concrete, and soil products. Anyone doing a more significant type of remodeling job on their home or renovation would want to invest in this type of container. The waste accumulation will fill a bin of this size.
  • When you get into the more significant ranges of bins, they’re better suited for bigger scale building works and house clearing. It’s essential to be mindful of the weight restrictions. Despite their size, driving a lorry carrying more than the legal weight is an offense. The type of truck will depend on the limitation, and the chains are not capable of supporting large amounts of weight.

A skip hire service helps to make the project that you’re working on much more straightforward, cost-effective, and time-saving. The convenience of having a container for your waste that the professionals will dispose of for you is invaluable considering how much clutter and debris that can accumulate with any given situation. Without it, the project could turn into a safety hazard, dangerous undertaking, or a very sore back from heavy lifting.


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