Three largest casinos in the world

The Venetian casino at Macao

Humanity’s addiction to gambling is invincible. There will always be those who like to gamble an extra hundred dollars to try their luck. Although fortune is not favourable to all players. But judging by the fashionable appearance of gaming centres, gambling addiction brings huge profits to casino owners. The same goes for betting, but at least you can rely not only on your luck but get advice from experts at

At Casinoes some attract visitors with free drinks and excellent cuisine, others with the prestige of the establishments, the original interior design, the imposing appearance of the buildings. The entertainment complexes presented in the review are the largest casinos in the world. 

City of Dreams, Macau 

This major casino in Macau is the world-famous entertainment centre from the City of Dreams. It is one of the three world leaders among gambling establishments. It is located next to the ferry crossing and the airport. Became part of a huge complex with the Grand Hyatt Macau, next to the huge luxury hotel Hard Rock. 

1.5 thousand machines, 450 tables are located on 210 thousand m2. Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gyms, swimming pools, relaxation areas with all types of massage and SAP procedures are open to visitors. In the main game room, there is a huge fountain that occupies almost half of the area. Golden carps swim slowly in it – the eastern symbol of good luck. To services of visitors with children – foreign language animators. With them, babies are left for the whole daylight hours. Intellectuals can visit the nearby art museum. 

Bellagio, Las Vegas 

The Bellagio Las Vegas gaming complex is the second-largest casino in the world. An outwardly unremarkable skyscraper in the form of an open book is a favourite place for Hollywood filmmakers. Different casino scenes of various films with world stars were shot here. 

The complex is part of the Steve Wynn empire, the owner of luxurious hotels and entertainment centres around the world. At the time of opening, in 1998, this complex was the largest. It was conceived not only as an entertainment venue. On the territory, there is a gorgeous art gallery, a huge swimming pool, a large concert hall where international competitions are held. But the biggest pride is the spacious gaming halls with expensive finishes. They have more than 2.5 thousand machines and 200 gaming tables. 

Venetian Macau, Macau 

Venetian Macau is the largest casino in the world. Venetian Macau in Macau’s gaming hub of China would house eight mid-sized casinos. The entertainment complex is considered the largest in the world, located in the fifth-largest building in the world. 3.5 thousand slot machines, 850 poker tables, bridge and roulette tables are located on 27.5 hectares of multi-level gaming zones. The centre is an enlarged copy of the Venetian Las Vegas casino plus a wonderful sports and recreation complex, designed for 15 thousand visitors, a modern entertainment centre with a luxurious hall. Venetian Macau hosts championships and festivals of various levels. There is only one building in the world that is larger than the Venetian Macao — the Boeing aircraft factory. There are always a lot of people in “Venice”, some just come to take a look, but it is extremely difficult to resist the game, so everyone leaves Macau’s currency there. 


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