Fire Safety Regulations Change: Are You Prepared for October 1st?

Fire Safety Regulations Change: Are You Prepared for October 1st?

On the 1st October 2023, further amendments to the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 (otherwise known as the ‘FSO’ or ‘Fire Safety Order’) are due to come into force, affecting businesses and buildings across the UK under the Building Safety Act 2022.

As leading fire door and passive fire protection product experts, we’ve put together a core summary of the upcoming changes and who they affect.

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What is the FSO (Fire Safety Order)?

The Fire Safety Order is the fire safety legislation that applies to all non-domestic buildings across England and Wales, regulating premises and setting out responsibilities for individuals to improve fire safety.
The Fire Safety Order applies to:

  • All workplaces and commercial buildings
  • Non-domestic parts of multi-occupied residential buildings

What are the upcoming FSO changes?

As of October 1st, all Responsible Persons must:

  • Conduct a fire risk assessment (FRA) and document it in full
  • Record all findings during a fire risk assessment
  • Make a record of all fire safety arrangements
  • Provide current information to all residents of buildings
  • Identify any other person/s who have responsibilities within the property
  • Determine the Accountable Persons
  • Provide ‘relevant fire safety information’

You can find a more detailed breakdown of these responsibilities and everything mentioned here on the Fire Seals Direct blog.

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