1,100-Home Regeneration Project in Norfolk

1,100-Home Regeneration Project in Norfolk

Flagship Group has submitted an outline planning application to regenerate a 1,100-home development in Norfolk. The project, centered around the Abbey in Thetford, aims to address housing needs while enhancing energy efficiency and community well-being.

The plan involves constructing between 320 and 500 additional homes, retrofitting existing ones, and replacing others. These new homes will be built to higher energy-efficient standards, reflecting Flagship’s commitment to sustainable development.

According to Peter Hawes, Chair of Flagship, the project marks an important milestone for the Abbey and the Thetford community. Hawes emphasized the extensive consultation process with local residents over the past five years, ensuring their voices are heard in shaping the project.

While the plans are in the early stages, Hawes emphasized the importance of phased delivery and continued community engagement. Each phase will undergo detailed design informed by further consultation with residents.

To support the community throughout the project, Flagship plans to fund an independent advisor for tenants and leaseholders. This advisor will act as a resource, ensuring the interests of all residents are represented.

In addition to the housing regeneration, Flagship has launched a biodiversity plan aimed at transforming outdoor spaces by 2030. This initiative includes measures to encourage wildlife, reduce the use of harmful chemicals, and enhance green spaces for community enjoyment.

David McQuade, Chief Executive of Flagship, stressed the association’s responsibility for tenant well-being and environmental stewardship. He highlighted the urgency of addressing climate change and biodiversity loss, reaffirming Flagship’s commitment to sustainable land management and community welfare.

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