Calling all Health and Safety Procurement Managers!

Calling all Health and Safety Procurement Managers!

Construction & Utility sites are full of potential hazards. A good proportion of these can be reduced by having the correct footwear.

Whether simply walking across a site, digging a ditch or climbing a ladder, you need safety boots with a good grip and effective non-slip soles.

Risks such as falling materials cannot be removed, but the severity can be greatly reduced by wearing adequate toe protection – i.e. a steel toe cap or one manufactured with composite materials.

The risk of underfoot injury should also be considered, with many sites containing debris, sharp materials and uneven ground. Choosing safety footwear with a steel or para-aramid anti-puncture protective midsole may be a wise option in order to protect the sole of the foot from punctures that may lead to infection.

Distractions cause accidents

Construction and Utility workers need to multi-task – doing their actual job whilst being aware of the dangers around them, if their main focus is discomfort of their footwear, accidents can potentially follow and could have severe consequences, especially on busy sites.

Comfort increases wellbeing

Protection and support should be the major concern when choosing safety footwear for a construction or utility site. However, with spine issues and plantar fasciitis being a big problem for workers who are on their feet for lengthy periods whilst working in extreme conditions, comfort and support should also be considered as a must have.

Fortunately, with top-quality safety boots, there is no reason to compromise on safety for comfort. Additional comfort can be achieved by adding Activ-Step footbeds for arch support, Activ-step anti-fatigue footbeds and Activ-step socks.

Comfortable safety boots start with quality components that are kind to the foot and the planet. Always look for footwear that meets or even better exceeds official safety standards and is suitable for the environment that the wearer is working in – for some roles you may need more than one type of footwear to support the role that worker is covering. Strong outsoles and comfortable inner soles that fit correctly are a good start.

Fit for purpose

On any site there should be a good range of footwear available to the worker, with accessories available to provide arch support, insole comfort and correct fastenings to ensure that the fit is correct for everyone.

It is essential to consider different shapes and sizes of people’s feet. The person responsible for providing the safety footwear needs to be aware of the ergonomic hazards that may pose a risk of injury to the musculoskeletal system in as much detail as they focus on for site hazards. Offering a wide and varied selection of safety footwear is sure to increase attendance and productivity.

Calling all Health and Safety Procurement Managers!

Rock Fall UK Can Help!

With over eighty styles of footwear and a wide variety of accessories to increase safety and comfort Rock Fall UK are a one-stop shop for the busy H&S/Procurement Managers.

We have an unequalled range of footwear that covers every size and environment in today’s demanding environments readily available.

Our women’s Hurricane and Carbon Safety boots took the big win the at the SHE Awards 2024 for the Best Health and Safety Project of the Year!

To give some background behind the collaboration that led to the development of these award winning safety boots here’s a short video.  

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