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BDC 319 : Aug 2024

aitchison raffety

Featuring Aitchison Raffety: Interview with Carl Grint, Head of Property Management

The realm of property, and the provision of associated services, is one which, in its present state, possesses ample opportunity for those looking to succeed. As such, the market for such services is, as one might expect, increasingly competitive by very nature, and, in ensuring ample differentiation between competitor services and one’s own, organisations are required to go farther than ever before in offering a truly unique, tailor-made service. Ahead of the curve in this respect is Aitchison Raffety, a company which offers a truly unique approach to business, both for its clients and within the organisational structure of the company itself. With 14 locations around the UK and a wealth of experience contained within the walls of the company itself, Aitchison Raffety aims to be the first choice for professional property solutions and as such, pursues excellence in each and every aspect of service delivery. Able to deliver a tailor-made solution to clients of any form, shape or size, the Aitchison Raffety approach to property is one with which it is difficult to contend. Working across all sector archetypes, all manner of client, Aitchison Raffety plays host to an unrivalled, multi-disciplinary set of specialist skills which is effectively able to provide a comprehensive, all-encompassing service to those in the possession of property. And yet, while this broad approach to property services does, in and of itself, lend itself to a vast array of potential clientèle, the company maintains a key focus upon careful, sustained growth through developing close working relationships with clients. As Carl Grint, Head of Property Management explains: “We’ve seen steady growth within the business. Despite the recession and the challenges faced by businesses over the years, Aitchison Raffety always taking a step in the right direction. ” And it is due to the company’s commitment to long-term relationships with the clients, that the company has indeed been able to grow gradually, carefully and sustainably to this very day. Aitchison Raffety is a keen monitor of present and prospective future market trends and developments. Incorporating everything from the overlooking landscape of the wider property market all the way down to the base understanding of what exactly it is that a client may be seeking from a provider of property services. Grint commented: “We’re very conscious of the changes in the market for management. It’s constantly evolving, and we’re aware of that. I think the most successful managers encompass a far wider range of specialities; we’re not a blinkered manager in the sense that, if you want a property managed then it’s not just solely about collecting rent, but is in fact far more than that. Usually, if we’re embarking on a new relationship then it starts with the client having a problem to solve, which we’re very aware of.” Integral to gaining this understanding is, as is most evident, close liaison with key clients and industry partners as facilitated by the relationships already developed between the company and client. And developing relationships between company and client, as opposed to an individual manager and the client is another area where the Aitchison Raffety approach actually differs from that of its direct competitors. While many companies offering property services, specifically those relative to management, focus upon developing one-to-one relationships between individual members of staff on either side of the client and manager position, the Aitchison Raffety approach instead promotes the development of company-to-company relations. On this important note, Grint provides further insight: “Because we don’t look at the short term specifically, and instead at the long-term, sustainable future, the relationship isn’t necessarily between an individual person at Aitchison Raffety and a client, but with the team and the client. “We have a team approach to managing and this means that there may well be a lead client contact, who takes responsibility for the instruction, but it’s rarely serviced on an individual basis. Individual elements may be served like this, but there’s a team approach to business, and teamwork is therefore a very crucial part of our strategy. “As we’re a very multi-disciplined organisation, it would be wrong of us to act as individual divisions, so we promote teamwork both within and out of the division. Our people strategy, for example, involves a real focus on the staff, not just the managers, where every member of the team is monitored for learning and development. We have continuous development reviews, but it’s not just a box-ticking exercise for us, as we really believe in looking at long-term career development for people.” Of course, this approach to business is one which directly lends itself to supporting the future of the company, as is outlined in the company’s own vision, and as such the continued prosperity of the company is all but ensured. Playing a key role in the future goals of the company will be a focus upon a combination of both the people, and operational structure of the business in a bid to ensure the highest degree of efficiencies, safety and professionalism across all works. Through the company’s clear dedication to investment into new technologies and its own workforce, this again, is all but ensured.

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