Cheap Batteries to Provide Solution for Electric Car Sales

Reduced price batteries may be the solution for electric cars being purchased by the masses.

The expensive price of batteries has put people off the idea of electric cars for a number of years, with the reason for their price due to the specific needs of electric car batteries.

They need to be light enough for the cars not to be drained by the battery, while also being big enough to ensure the car has enough energy to drive for hundreds of miles from one charge to the next.

Chairman of Faradion (a technology company that researches cheap energy store solutions), Chris Wright, admits that current battery costs are equal to the rest of the electric car, something he says needs addressing.

Wright said that as a result electric car advocates are trying desperately to find cheaper batteries to supply and that the automotive industry must provide a solution to make batteries that do not rely on lithium, which is the core matter of rechargeable batteries.

He says that Faradion’s solution to this problem is sodium, which has similar energy properties but is less expensive to source, meaning that electric cars may soon become a realistic option for the masses.

Wright pinpoints new drivers and commuters as those who would benefit most from an electric vehicle due to their affordability and ease of use.

He added that the company have made sodium materials that work as well, if not better than lithium systems in battery cells.

While petrol and diesel powered cars are still outselling electric vehicles by a considerable margin, sales of electric cars have seen a sharp rise over the last 12 months.

This increase is due to fewer people being scared of the car running out of battery and being stuck along with consumers realising the financial benefits of running an electric car, along with being better for the environment.


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