A huge (the biggest in the whole of Europe in fact) Chinese commercial space greeted its anticipated customers for the first time in December 2016. This commercial space, based in the proximity of the Italian city of Milan in Agrate Brianza, is 56,000 square meters large in an area of three levels and is the new home of 400 retail outlets that also allow up to 600 cars to park in its designated space. For this of course, the building and construction of decent roof space and air circulation is essential, and it was Mister Gianfranco Gianni’s responsibility to ensure that this was the case.

It was decided that, based upon their very good record on air conditioning and roofing, the services of Clivet were called into action and commissioned to ensure that the right amount of air conditioned installation was properly implemented into the large structure of the building. It was evident to Gianfranco Gianni that Clivet was chosen to carry out this ambitious and time-consuming task, because the company has a very good record of offering very good services at reasonable price rates. The fact that they  are furthermore able to adapt themselves very well to the different requirements of the companies and businesses that they deal with was also essential, since the Agrate Brianza development is of a particularly rather empty structure.

This means of course that the right amount of air needs to be able to circulate freely across all three levels of the development, and it was felt that Clivet were therefore the ideal company to consult in order to make this dream a possibility. Since then, the company has successfully installed the various facilities that needed to be put into place, causing a minimal amount of bother to those involved and also reducing the noise capacity levels that is often a concerning feature of air conditioning systems. Through Clivet, Mister Gianfranco Gianni of GIANNI BENVENUTO SPA was able to satisfy the wishes of the space.