The Successful Partnerships Between Portcullis and Liberty Living Set to Continue


Canadian-owned firm Liberty Living Ltd is a modern-day success story and now, with its acquisition of Blackstone’s £460million property portfolio in spring 2017, is now the second largest provider of student accommodation in the UK.

And Portcullis Gates who have provided ongoing maintenance and support to Liberty Living is set to continue with this successful partnership after a new three-year deal was announced. And with a rapidly expanding portfolio, it is a real coup for Portcullis that Liberty Living is placing its faith and trust in the company to be able to upscale its services too.

Prioritising Student Safety

Student ‘digs’ have become more refined over the years and with the onus weighing heavily on student safety on campus, the renewing of Portcullis’s contract is a welcome one. Portcullis will continue to provide planned preventative maintenance on a 24/7 call out basis covering gates, barriers, automatic doors and roller shutters.

This reaffirms Liberty Living Ltd.’s commitment to making student safety a priority and with Portcullis having demonstrated outstanding engineering support and customer, it makes sense for both companies to continue to nurture and grow this relationship.

A Large Undertaking

For Portcullis, it continues to be a large undertaking. Operating throughout 19 locations from Aberdeen in the north to Southampton in the south, Liberty Living Ltd. functions across 55 sites. An increasing prolific brand, there is no denying the kudos that this contract will continue to bring Portcullis.

Managing Director of Portcullis Gate Automation Ltd. Justin Earl, was clear that the renewal of the contract means professionally and personally. Calling it ‘gratifying news and a welcome pat on the back for the whole team at Portcullis, from our helpdesk team to the front-line engineering workforce’, the contract emphasis that as a business, Portcullis is making the right decisions when it comes to the detail of running its business in a competitive maintenance and engineering market.

Understanding Needs

Liberty Living Ltd is a prolific company, the rising star of student accommodation that has rocketed from a small player to a sector-leading company. In effect, they need the right businesses to supply them with all kinds of services, perimeter security is just one.

The Portcullis team are clear: they understand customer needs and in the case of Liberty Living, it is a responsive maintenance service that adds value to what they have set out to achieve which, in this case, is superb and safe student accommodation.

And this contract has given Portcullis the confidence to develop their plans to offer this service to other clients of a similar ilk to Liberty Living. For some, living in a well-maintained gated community brings many benefits.

Safe perimeters, from gated student communities to roller shutters, have a positive impact on student life and thus, for Liberty Living and the university site in question, the impacts are obvious too.

Portcullis Gates design and install specialist gate services to private and commercial customers, the renewed deal means that Portcullis will bring a wealth of experience to their services for both commercial and private customers.


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